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Scyther is blindingly fast. Its blazing speed enhances the effectiveness of the twin scythes on its forearms. This Pokémon’s scythes are so effective, they can slice through thick logs in one wicked stroke. It slashes through grass with its sharp scythes, moving too fast for the human eye to track. It tears and shreds prey with its wickedly sharp scythes. It very rarely spreads its wings to fly.

Pokédex entry #123

TYPE bugflying
COLOR green
HEIGHT 1.5 m WEIGHT 56 kg health70speed105attack110defense80special attack55special defense80

scyther Evolution

scyther is a type bug and flying Pokémon that evolves first into scizor.

scyther in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch scyther from an egg?

Yes, scyther it's a Pokémon that can be hatched from an egg. scyther can be hatched from a 10km egg.

Which pokémons can you get from a 10km hatched egg? [+]

How many CP would scyther have after evolving?

If you’ve catched a scyther and you want to know how many points it would have after evolving, use this evolution calculator and find out easily. You just need to write your Bulbasaur CP and then click “Evolve”.

Which are scyther’s strengths and weaknesses?

scyther is a bug and flying type Pokémon. bug type pokémons are strong against grass, poison, psychic pokémons but weak against fire, fighting, flying, ghost pokémons. flying type pokémons are strong against grass, fighting, bug pokémons but weak against electric, rock pokémons.

scyther is STRONG against...
scyther is WEAK against...

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