About Forretress

Forretress conceals itself inside its hardened steel shell. The shell is opened when the Pokémon is catching prey, but it does so at such a quick pace that the shell’s inside cannot be seen. It remains immovably rooted to its tree. It scatters pieces of its hard shell to drive its enemies away. It is encased in a steel shell. Its peering eyes are all that can be seen of its mysterious innards.

Pokédex entry #205

TYPE bugsteel
SPECIE Bagworm
COLOR purple
HEIGHT 1.2 m WEIGHT 125.8 kg health75speed40attack90defense140special attack60special defense60

Forretress Evolution

Forretress is a type bug and steel Pokémon that evolves from pineco.

Forretress in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Forretress from an egg?

No, Forretress can't be hatched.

Which are Forretress’s strengths and weaknesses?

Forretress is a bug and steel type Pokémon. bug type pokémons are strong against grass, poison, psychic pokémons but weak against fire, fighting, flying, ghost pokémons. steel type pokémons are strong against ice, rock, fairy pokémons but weak against fire, ground, flying pokémons.

Forretress is STRONG against...
Forretress is WEAK against...

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