About Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet does nothing but endure attacks—it won’t attack on its own. However, it won’t endure an attack on its tail. When that happens, the Pokémon will try to take the foe with it using Destiny Bond. To keep its pitch-black tail hidden, it lives quietly in the darkness. It is never first to attack. It hates light and shock. If attacked, it inflates its body to build up its counterstrike.

Pokédex entry #202

TYPE psychic
SPECIE Patient
COLOR blue
HEIGHT 1.3 m WEIGHT 28.5 kg health190speed33attack33defense58special attack33special defense58

Wobbuffet Evolution

Wobbuffet is a type psychic Pokémon that evolves from wynaut.

Wobbuffet in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Wobbuffet from an egg?

Yes, Wobbuffet it's a Pokémon that can be hatched from an egg. Wobbuffet can be hatched from a 5km egg.

Which pokémons can you get from a 5km hatched egg? [+]

Which are Wobbuffet’s strengths and weaknesses?

Wobbuffet is a psychic type Pokémon. psychic type pokémons are strong against fighting, poison, ghost pokémons but weak against bug, shadow pokémons.

Wobbuffet is STRONG against...
Wobbuffet is WEAK against...

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