About wartortle

Its tail is large and covered with a rich, thick fur. The tail becomes increasingly deeper in color as Wartortle ages. The scratches on its shell are evidence of this Pokémon’s toughness as a battler. It is said to live 10,000 years. Its furry tail is popular as a symbol of longevity. When tapped, this Pokémon will pull in its head, but its tail will still stick out a little bit.

Pokédex entry #8

TYPE water
COLOR blue
HEIGHT 1 m WEIGHT 22.5 kg health59speed58attack63defense80special attack65special defense80

wartortle Evolution

wartortle is a type water Pokémon that evolves from squirtle and into blastoise.

wartortle in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch wartortle from an egg?

No, wartortle can't be hatched.

How many CP would wartortle have after evolving?

If you’ve catched a wartortle and you want to know how many points it would have after evolving, use this evolution calculator and find out easily. You just need to write your Bulbasaur CP and then click “Evolve”.

Which are wartortle’s strengths and weaknesses?

wartortle is a water type Pokémon. water type pokémons are strong against fire, ground, rock pokémons but weak against water, grass, dragon, electric pokémons.

wartortle is STRONG against...
wartortle is WEAK against...

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