About Spoink

Spoink keeps a pearl on top of its head. The pearl functions to amplify this Pokémon’s psychokinetic powers. It is therefore on a constant search for a bigger pearl. It bounces around on its tail to keep its heart pumping. It carries a pearl from Clamperl on its head. It bounces constantly, using its tail like a spring. The shock of bouncing keeps its heart beating.

Pokédex entry #325

TYPE psychic
COLOR black
HEIGHT 0.7 m WEIGHT 30.6 kg health60speed60attack25defense35special attack70special defense80

Spoink Evolution

Spoink is a type psychic Pokémon that evolves first into grumpig.

Spoink in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Spoink from an egg?

No, Spoink can't be hatched.

How many CP would Spoink have after evolving?

If you’ve catched a Spoink and you want to know how many points it would have after evolving, use this evolution calculator and find out easily. You just need to write your Bulbasaur CP and then click “Evolve”.

Which are Spoink’s strengths and weaknesses?

Spoink is a psychic type Pokémon. psychic type pokémons are strong against fighting, poison, ghost pokémons but weak against bug, shadow pokémons.

Spoink is STRONG against...
Spoink is WEAK against...

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