About Registeel

Registeel was imprisoned by people in ancient times. The metal composing its body is thought to be a curious substance that is not of this earth. Its body is said to be harder than any kind of metal. A study has revealed that its body is hollow. Tempered by pressure underground over tens of thousands of years, its body cannot be scratched.

Pokédex entry #379

TYPE steel
SPECIE Iron Pokémon
COLOR gray
HEIGHT 1.9 m WEIGHT 205 kg health80speed50attack75defense150special attack75special defense150

Registeel Evolution

Registeel is a type steel Pokémon that doesn't evolve

Registeel in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Registeel from an egg?

No, Registeel can't be hatched.

Which are Registeel’s strengths and weaknesses?

Registeel is a steel type Pokémon. steel type pokémons are strong against ice, rock, fairy pokémons but weak against fire, ground, flying pokémons.

Registeel is STRONG against...
Registeel is WEAK against...

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