About Pupitar

Pupitar creates a gas inside its body that it compresses and forcefully ejects to propel itself like a jet. The body is very durable—it avoids damage even if it hits solid steel. Its shell is as hard as sheet rock, and it is also very strong. Its thrashing can topple a mountain. Its body is as hard as bedrock. By venting pressurized gas, it can launch itself like a rocket.

Pokédex entry #247

TYPE groundrock
SPECIE Hard Shell
COLOR gray
HEIGHT 1.2 m WEIGHT 152 kg health70speed51attack84defense70special attack65special defense70

Pupitar Evolution

Pupitar is a type ground and rock Pokémon that evolves from larvitar and into tyranitar.

Pupitar in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Pupitar from an egg?

No, Pupitar can't be hatched.

How many CP would Pupitar have after evolving?

If you’ve catched a Pupitar and you want to know how many points it would have after evolving, use this evolution calculator and find out easily. You just need to write your Bulbasaur CP and then click “Evolve”.

Which are Pupitar’s strengths and weaknesses?

Pupitar is a ground and rock type Pokémon. ground type pokémons are strong against fire, electric, poison, rock, steel pokémons but weak against grass, bug pokémons. They are not affected by flying type pokémons. rock type pokémons are strong against fire, flying, bug pokémons but weak against water, grass pokémons.

Pupitar is STRONG against...
Pupitar is WEAK against...

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