About Pelipper

Gathering food is the work of young males. They store food in their capacious beaks and carry it back to others waiting in the nest. Pelipper is a flying transporter that carries small Pokémon and eggs inside its massive bill. This Pokémon builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea. It is a messenger of the skies, carrying small Pokémon and eggs to safety in its bill.

Pokédex entry #279

HEIGHT 1.2 m WEIGHT 28 kg health60speed65attack50defense100special attack95special defense70

Pelipper Evolution

Pelipper is a type flying and water Pokémon that evolves from wingull.

Pelipper in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Pelipper from an egg?

No, Pelipper can't be hatched.

Which are Pelipper’s strengths and weaknesses?

Pelipper is a flying and water type Pokémon. flying type pokémons are strong against grass, fighting, bug pokémons but weak against electric, rock pokémons. water type pokémons are strong against fire, ground, rock pokémons but weak against water, grass, dragon, electric pokémons.

Pelipper is STRONG against...
Pelipper is WEAK against...

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