About muk

This Pokémon’s favorite food is anything that is repugnantly filthy. In dirty towns where people think nothing of throwing away litter on the streets, Muk are certain to gather. A toxic fluid seeps from its body. The fluid instantly kills plants and trees on contact. They love to gather in smelly areas where sludge accumulates, making the stench around them worse.

Pokédex entry #89

TYPE poison
COLOR purple
HEIGHT 1.2 m WEIGHT 30 kg health105speed50attack105defense75special attack65special defense100

muk Evolution

muk is a type poison Pokémon that evolves from grimer.

muk in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch muk from an egg?

No, muk can't be hatched.

Which are muk’s strengths and weaknesses?

muk is a poison type Pokémon. poison type pokémons are strong against grass, bug, fairy pokémons but weak against poison, ground, rock, ghost pokémons. They are not affected by steel type pokémons.

muk is STRONG against...
muk is WEAK against...

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