About Linoone

When hunting, Linoone will make a beeline straight for the prey at a full run. While this Pokémon is capable of topping 60 mph, it has to come to a screeching halt before it can turn. It charges prey at speeds over 60 mph. However, because it can only run straight, it often fails. When running in a straight line, it can easily top 60 miles an hour. It has a tough time with curved roads.

Pokédex entry #264

TYPE normal
COLOR white
HEIGHT 0.5 m WEIGHT 32.5 kg health78speed100attack70defense61special attack50special defense61

Linoone Evolution

Linoone is a type normal Pokémon that evolves from zigzagoon.

Linoone in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Linoone from an egg?

No, Linoone can't be hatched.

Which are Linoone’s strengths and weaknesses?

Linoone is a normal type Pokémon. normal type pokémons but weak against rock pokémons. They are not affected by ghost type pokémons.

Linoone is STRONG against...
Linoone is WEAK against...

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