About Latios

Latios will only open its heart to a Trainer with a compassionate spirit. This Pokémon can fly faster than a jet plane by folding its forelegs to minimize air resistance. It understands human speech and is highly intelligent. It is a tender Pokémon that dislikes fighting. A highly intelligent Pokémon. By folding back its wings in flight, it can overtake jet planes.

Pokédex entry #381

SPECIE Eon Pokémon
COLOR blue
HEIGHT 2 m WEIGHT 60 kg health80speed110attack90defense80special attack130special defense110

Latios Evolution

Latios is a type dragon and psychic Pokémon that doesn't evolve

Latios in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Latios from an egg?

No, Latios can't be hatched.

Which are Latios’s strengths and weaknesses?

Latios is a dragon and psychic type Pokémon. dragon type pokémons but weak against ice, fairy pokémons. psychic type pokémons are strong against fighting, poison, ghost pokémons but weak against bug, shadow pokémons.

Latios is STRONG against...
Latios is WEAK against...

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