About Chimecho

In high winds, Chimecho cries as it hangs from a tree branch or the eaves of a building using a suction cup on its head. This Pokémon plucks berries with its long tail and eats them. Emitting ultrasonic cries, it floats on winds to travel great distances. It uses the sucker on its head to hang from a tree or from eaves. It can produce seven different tones.

Pokédex entry #358

TYPE psychic
COLOR blue
HEIGHT 0.6 m WEIGHT 1 kg health75speed65attack50defense80special attack95special defense90

Chimecho Evolution

Chimecho is a type psychic Pokémon that evolves from chingling.

Chimecho in Pokémon GO

It's possible to hatch Chimecho from an egg?

Yes, Chimecho it's a Pokémon that can be hatched from an egg. Chimecho can be hatched from a 10km egg.

Which pokémons can you get from a 10km hatched egg? [+]

Which are Chimecho’s strengths and weaknesses?

Chimecho is a psychic type Pokémon. psychic type pokémons are strong against fighting, poison, ghost pokémons but weak against bug, shadow pokémons.

Chimecho is STRONG against...
Chimecho is WEAK against...

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